Stephanie Thornton

Designer/Founder of Moon Self Studio

Steph in Studio

Hi, I’m Stephanie — Like you, I am a multi-faceted human being that can’t be fully described in words, but some of the titles I resonate with are: artist, creator, mother, partner, friend, philosopher, heart-warrior, soul searcher, mystic, student, question asker, Astrology & Human Design enthusiast, promoter of self-inquiry, cheerleader of passions, brand & website designer, creative director, and founder of Moon Self Studio. And just in case you were wondering, I have a Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Aries Rising, and I'm a 3/5 Sacral Manifesting Generator in Human Design.


The Style & Aesthetic


I have a fascination with minimalism, clean functional design, and interesting little details, so with each project, I apply my skills, my experience, my eye, my heart, and my intuition to create something that is organized, spacious, user-friendly, intentionally edited — but my goal is for the end result to feel like you. I'm not here to replicate a specific look over and over again. I'm here to help translate the heart, soul, and energy of your business into digital form so that you can connect with more of the right people. To achieve this, I invite you to look beyond trends or industry standards, and use the energetic core of your brand as the foundation for everything we build together.


The Studio


Moon Self Studio is a collaborative space dedicated to holistic brand & website design that is carefully considered and rooted in the uniqueness of each client. Results are co-created by asking and answering thoughtful questions, establishing an energetically aligned strategy, and applying customized aesthetics.

Moon Self Studio is my playground, my laboratory, and my workshop — and it is open to anyone who is passionate about their work and has an appreciation for thoughtful, bespoke design (along with the capacity to be actively involved in their brand and website design process). This space has encouraged, supported, and facilitated both my personal and professional expansion  —  and I hope that in one way or another, it will do the same for you.


Working Together


There are a few ways we can work together at Moon Self Studio. If you are interested in a 1:1 collaboration where you have the experience and expertise of a professional designer and are supported with every aspect of building a brand and/or website, then I offer custom brand & website design services.

If you have the skills and will to design your own brand assets and website but you want some of the structure, organization, strategy, advice, and guidance from working with a professional (or you are working with a designer but you don’t have a clear vision of what you want, or how to articulate it) then check out The Brand Clarity Workshop, The Website Writing Workbook (coming soon) or The Decision Making Guidebook (which you can get for free).