The Website Writing Workbook

A fillable pdf workbook that contains information, advice, and prompts to help you write content for the main pages of your website. Once you have completed the workbook, you’ll be able to hand it to a designer (or yourself) who can then combine your content with your brand identity in order to build a website that tells people everything you want them to know about you, your brand, and your business.


The Website Writing Workbook includes sections on:


No.1 // Preparing to Write

    • Intention setting
    • SEO keywords
    • Headings
    • Invitations (calls-to-action)
    • Testimonials
    • Collaborations, Appearances, Features, & Press
    • Quotes

No.2 // What to write about on your website pages

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Offerings page
  • Product/service information page 
  • Contact page


For specific coaching on the wording of what to write, or if you don't enjoy or excel at writing, I recommend working with a professional copywriter. This workbook does not give specific writing style or sales strategy coaching, but it does list the pieces of information that I see as being useful to include on each website page (along with my rationale behind including it) and acts as a framework that you can fill in with your unique voice and message. Whether I’m designing your website or not, I want to help you build a digital space that radiates your brand and communicates clearly and effectively.


The Website Writing Workbook is included with all Moon Self Studio website design packages, or you can purchase it separately if you are designing your website on your own but still want some of the support, organization, structure, strategy, and professional advice that they would get if you collaborated with me. If you purchase the workshop and then end up designing your website at Moon Self Studio, the amount you paid for the workshop will be deducted from your project total.


Price: $88 CAD + HST*

*You will have lifetime access to the workbook, including any updates and additions that are made. 

*All products and services are subject to 13% HST as per Ontario government requirements.

*Please note that results will vary with this workbook, and are dependent on many factors that Moon Self Studio or I (Stephanie Thornton) can not assume responsibility for. For best results, I recommend having a clear and solid brand identity in place. If you need support with this, I offer The Brand Clarity Workshop.

Although I can not guarantee any specific results, every effort has been made to ensure that this workbook is infused with all of the relevant website writing knowledge, experience, and wisdom that I have at this point in time.

*As this is a digital product, refunds are not available