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My brand design services are here to help translate the heart and soul of your business into digital form so that you can connect with more of the right people. To achieve this, I invite you to look beyond current trends or industry standards, and use the energetic core of your business as a foundation for everything we build together. To access the Moon Self Studio price guide & project application form, click here.

Moon Self Studio Brand Design

Many people think of a logo and colours as a brand, but I believe that there's more to a brand than it's visible elements — just like you are more than the clothes that you wear. I define a brand as: the way that a business shows up and operates in the world — it’s how you present your business and offerings to people, and how your business does things. A brand is how your business and offerings look, sound, smell, taste, and feel (both tactilely and energetically). It’s everything that people experience from your business, including all of the tangible and intangible elements that they encounter. Working with this more holistic view of a brand, my approach to brand design moves through four layers.

The Process:


No.1 // Clarity 

Each brand design project begins with The Brand Clarity Workshop which is a self-paced digital brand design resource that guides you through an organized, strategic, structured process of clearing the distractions, quieting the noise, connecting with yourself, digging below the surface, and pulling from your unique well of creativity.

Done with an open mind and a willingness to stand in your uniqueness, The Brand Clarity Workshop can help you find the clarity you need to move forward with designing your brand, starting with its energetic core. We do this by mindfully answering questions about the energetic identity and purpose of your business, specifically: values, philosophy & approach, energy & personality, vision, mission, and goals. We also consider your business' products & services, and factor in your ideal customers & clients before moving on to designing your visual brand assets and any brand collateral.


No.2 // Strategy

In the second phase of your brand design, we formulate an energetically-aligned strategy for presenting your business to the world. I say 'energetically-aligned' strategy because we don't just apply standard industry styles or match what competitors are doing, we look at the energetic makeup and purpose of your business (which you get clear on in step one) and establish an intentional plan for how to visually represent and tangibly express the energetic core of your business in a way that is completely custom and authentic to you and your business.

Even our collaborative design process is tailored to your unique energy and specific needs. For some clients, this includes looking at their Astrology and Human Design charts to make the best use of their unique energetic blueprint.


No.3 // Design

Once we are clear on the energetic core and foundation of your business, and have a strategy in place for how to express it, we can then design your visual brand assets and brand collateral. In case you aren't familiar with industry jargon, visual brand assets are the visible elements used to express and communicate a brand to the world (eg: creative direction, colours, typography, logo). Brand collateral are the specific digital and physical goods, materials, or “things” that are created with, and according to your brand in order to communicate, promote, or reinforce it (eg: social media post/story graphics, business cards, podcast cover, gift certificates, brochures, etc).


No.4 // Delivery

Finally, all of your visual brand asset and brand collateral files are packaged up and handed over to you along with a brand guidelines document that summarizes your brand and outlines how to use your brand materials in a way that is consistent and aligned with your brand strategy. 


All brand design projects start with a basic package and are then custom quoted according to any additional requirements. For information on the base package price and what exactly it includes, or to inquire about working with me, click the link below to request access to the Moon Self Studio price guide & project application.

Website Design

When people visit your website, I want them to experience it as if they are walking into your home or place of business, where they can immediately feel your energy and intuitively know if they resonate with your brand. Then I want them to be taken on a guided tour of your digital space, learning everything you want them to know about you, your business, and your offerings. To access the Moon Self Studio price guide & project application form, click here.

Website Design - Laptop Mockup

In essence, I build websites that are your digital home, office, studio, gallery, or shop, and your best employee that works for you 24-7-365.

While I respect certain standard and familiar ways of doing things (and the ease of use they bring to the user experience) I’m also not afraid to ask “why” and challenge the way things are traditionally done in order to build something from the ground up that works for your business goals and provides your desired customer/client experience.


The Process:


No.1 // Clarity

The first step of our website design collaboration involves getting clear on how you want your website to look and feel, what you want it to do for you, and what content (written, photographic, video, etc.) you want your visitors to experience. Some of this work is covered in the clarity phase of our brand design (which happens before website design), and you will also have access to The Website Writing Workbook prior to your website design start date to help you prepare your written content.


No.2 // Strategy

In the strategy phase, we determine the layout, organization, and technical design of your website. To do this, we look at your website content, consider your business goals, answer important questions about what functions your website needs to serve, and decide what systems and/or plugins best fit your needs (I use WordPress which allows for design freedom and the integration of any function you may need).


No.3 // Design & Development

This is the part where I bring our vision and planning to life. I install your website, and design your website pages according to your brand energy, aesthetic, and strategy. We work together with open communication and create something that radiates your brand, serves your customers & clients, and helps you achieve your goals.


No.4 //  Handover

In this final phase, I give you the (digital) keys to your new online home, as well as the tools you need to maintain it. As much as I love working with my clients, I want to foster independence so that they aren't depending on me for minor edits and maintenance they may need in the future, so I install a user-friendly website platform and page builder combination, set things to automatically update to their most recent version, and provide tutorial videos that show how to make changes and edits to your website content. 


All website design projects start with a basic package and are then custom quoted according to any additional requirements. In general, I only design websites that I have also done the branding for, since brand design has such a huge impact on the design process of an online space. However, if you already have a strong brand (vibration, voice, values, vision, message, mission, goals, logo, colours, typography, voice, photos, graphics, etc.) that I resonate with, I will consider building a digital home for it (just let me know on your application). For information on the base package price and what exactly it includes, or to inquire about working with me, click the link below to request access to the Moon Self Studio price guide & project application.

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