The Brand Clarity Workshop

Differentiate your business from the crowd, connect to your ideal customers & clients, and achieve your version of personal and professional success.


This self-paced digital workshop is an alternative approach to mainstream branding that helps you quiet the noise and connect with yourself in order to create an authentically unique brand that helps make entrepreneurship a personally satisfying, expansive, and fulfilling human experience.

This workshop is like having someone hand you a proven brand design game plan, and then coach you through each step of the way.

In the end, you will have built a brand that connects you with your biggest fans and helps you get the wins that are important to you.

You aren’t being handed a generic pre-packaged brand. You are enlisting the experience and expertise of a professional to help you get clear on your goals and use your uniqueness to achieve them.

You have all the answers — sometimes you just need to be asked the right questions.
Who This Workshop is For
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No.1 // Entrepreneurs creating a brand with a professional designer
No.2 // Entrepreneurs building or refreshing a brand on their own
No.3 // Entrepreneurs needing to define & articulate an established brand

Do You Resonate With This?

The Brand Clarity Workshop is ideal for you if:
  • You are ready to build a brand that is more than just colours and a logo, but don’t know where to start.
  • You want your brand to help you get the results that you truly desire and support your dream life (but you need help figuring out what you want and/or how to design your brand to help you get it).
  • You value integrity, honesty, and authenticity.
  • You don’t have a clear vision for what you want when it comes to your business & brand, and you're not sure how to move forward.
  • You feel confused or overwhelmed by all the noise (advice, opinions, shoulds, etc) coming from your industry, teachers, peers, friends, family, social media, and society in general.
  • You want to build a brand that grows your business and makes you money in a way that is in alignment with your values (and get really clear on your values in the process).
  • You struggle to come up with ideas for the visual (and otherwise sensual) expression of your brand.
  • You have “too many” ideas for your brand and don’t know what direction to go in.
  • You have the creativity and artistic skills to design your own brand assets (colours, typography, logo, creative direction, etc) but you want the structure, organization, strategy, advice, and guidance from working with a professional.
  • You are working with a designer to create your brand assets but you don’t have a clear vision of what you want, or how to articulate it.
  • You have a larger business (or aspire to grow your business into one) and need to clearly define your brand so that you can communicate it to new and existing employees, partners, investors, and stakeholders (as well as customers & clients).
  • You are in a business partnership and/or are part of a business team and want to create a brand that is the combination of two or more people’s energy and uniqueness.
  • You are open to an alternative approach to mainstream branding that involves some self-inquiry and intention.
  • You are interested in discovering and experimenting with a personalized decision-making process as a way to alleviate stress, and make choices that result in a sense of peace, satisfaction, enjoyment, and success.

What This Workshop Helps With

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No.1 // Clearly defining the energetic identity & purpose of your business
No.2 // Translating the energy of your business into tangible brand assets
No.3 // Strategically communicating your brand to the right people

The Results That are Possible with This Workshop

The Brand Clarity Workshop can help you:
  • Save time.
  • Alleviate stress.
  • Confidently make decisions. 
  • Get clear on what you truly value on a personal level, and what purpose you want your business to serve.
  • Define and articulate your brand's essence.
  • Get clear on the energetic core of your business (values, philosophy, approach, energy, personality, and purpose) and explore these things on a personal level in the process.
  • Efficiently create a brand that is authentically unique, cohesive, consistent, congruent, and trustworthy.
  • Differentiate your business from others.
  • Make brand communication more easeful, effective, and enjoyable.
  • Identify who your ideal customers & clients are and consistently connect with more of them.
  • Positively affect your brand image.
  • Improve brand recognition & brand awareness.
  • Increase sales of your goods & services.
  • Ensure that everyone within the organization understands and embodies your brand's values, philosophy, energy, and purpose, and consistently represents your brand across all levels and departments of your business.


Feedback from people who have experienced The Brand Clarity Workshop
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How it Works

No.1 // Quiet the noise
No.2 // Connect & inquire with yourself
No.3 // Create & communicate with intention

What to Expect

The method we will use to get results

The Moon Self Studio method of brand design combines the practical, physical, rational, tangible, and strategic processes that are traditionally used in business, with some of the intangible, intuitive, introspective, philosophical, esoteric, mystical, quantum, and energetic approaches from the world of spirituality, manifestation, and wellness. The method operates on the belief that entrepreneurship, running a business, and creating a brand is a powerful opportunity to cultivate self-awareness and personal growth, as well as achieve material success for your business.

Your brand can do more than market your business and sell your offerings — it can also make entrepreneurship a personally satisfying, sustainable, expansive, and fulfilling human experience, and help you achieve your version of personal and professional success.

Using the tools of guided meditation, visualization, journalling, Human Design, and self-inquiry, as well as years of professional design & business experience, The Brand Clarity Workshop uses a multi-layered approach to brand design, starting with the energetic core of the brand, and moving outward to the more physical, tangible layers.

Here’s the plan:

STEP 01: Quiet the noise, connect with your inner knowing, embrace your unique energy, receive inspiration, and explore your aesthetic preferences.

STEP 02: Engage in self-inquiry to determine your personal values, philosophy, approach, energy, personality, vision, mission, and goals.

STEP 03: Solidify the energetic core of your brand.

STEP 04: Translate the energetic core of your brand into sensory brand assets (colours, typography, logo, sounds, scents, flavours, etc).

STEP 05: Create a strategy for how you will communicate your brand via channels & touchpoints.

By embracing and utilizing your own uniqueness, you can design a brand that differentiates your business from the crowd and resonates with the people that you most want to work with and serve. 

By exploring who you are, feeling into who you want to be, recognizing what you need & want, and identifying what’s important to you, you can create a brand that facilitates your personal growth & expansion, is sustainable with your energy, and helps you live the life you want to live.

By making conscious decisions about why and how your business will show up and operate in the world, and then intentionally applying that “how and why” to everything your business does and puts out, you can build a brand that is clear, cohesive, consistent, and congruent with the values it was built on — which in turn, contributes to authenticity, and builds trust with your ideal customers & clients.

And when you effectively communicate your unique, personally aligned, sustainable, clear, cohesive, consistent, congruent, authentic, and trustworthy brand to the world, that’s when you will start to see the results that you desire. 

What's Included

No.1 // Guided Meditation Journey
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No.2 // Journal Prompts
The Brand Clarity Workbook Cover Mockup
No.3 // The Brand Clarity Workbook

Details About What You'll Get

The materials and resources you will have immediate lifetime access to are:
Core Materials:
Guided Meditation Journey

This 40 minute guided meditation journey that walks you through the process of clearing distractions, quieting the noise, and connecting with yourself before taking you on a visualization journey where you are asked strategic questions in order to uncover useful information and ideas that may exist beneath your logical mind. This meditation journey (along with the journal prompts) is designed to help you get clear on what you want and need on a personal level, and will help you clarify your personal values, your energy & personality, and your personal philosophy & approach to life. It will also help you pull from your unique well of creativity to provide you with information you can use when you are completing The Brand Clarity Workbook.

Journal Prompts

This fillable pdf document has 45 journal prompt questions to help you recall and record the insights, inspirations, and ideas that come to you during the meditation journey, as well as cultivate self-awareness and intentionality before making decisions for your business & brand.

The Brand Clarity Workbook

This 50-page fillable pdf document guides you step-by-step through the Moon Self Studio method of brand design and helps you take everything that you gathered in the meditation and journal prompts, and use it to define the key elements of a holistic and comprehensive brand, including the energetic core of your brand, sensory brand assets, and a brand communication strategy. A link to a Canva template for brand summary sheets is also included so that you can record your decisions for each element of your brand in an organized layout, and reference them whenever you create anything for your business in order to stay consistent with your branding.

Bonus Items:
The Decision Making Guidebook

A big part of building a clear brand is being able to effectively make decisions. This guidebook presents eight different ways that humans are designed to make choices according to the self-awareness tool/modality of Human Design (none of which include using our analytical minds or making pros and cons lists). The guidebook provides instructions for how to generate your Human Design chart and discover what decision making method you are uniquely designed to use, or you can experiment with which method works best for you and decide for yourself. Either way, this decision making guide book is an optional resource that you can use to help you take the stress out of choosing, and confidently make decisions for your brand, business, and life.

Clear & Connect Meditation

This 9-minute guided meditation is a tool you can come back to after you complete The Brand Clarity Workshop, if you ever feel unclear or disconnected from yourself. The meditation is an edited version of the Brand Clarity Guided Meditation Journey, including its beginning and end, with 2 minutes of space between. Think of this meditation track as a "tune-up" or "refresher" that you can do whenever things start to feel noisy, confusing, or overwhelming. Listen to this meditation whenever you need to quiet the noise and reconnect to your inner knowing, personal power, and unique energy.


*Purchases of The Brand Clarity Workshop receive lifetime access to all future updates, and new materials added.


Details about the time and financial commitment required with this workshop

The time that you will need to invest into this workshop to get the results that you want will vary from person to person and business to business, and depends on a variety of factors.

You will need to reserve 40 minutes for the guided meditation, plus journal time, and time to complete the workbook.

Depending where you are at in your brand design journey, you could need anywhere from a few hours, to multiple days to feel "finished". Once you purchase, you will have immediate lifetime access to this workshop, so you can take your time and revisit as needed.


$238 CAD + HST*

*You will have lifetime access to the workshop, including any future updates and additions that are made.

*All products and services are subject to 13% HST as per Ontario government requirements.

*As this is a digital product, refunds are not available.

Additional Info:

The Brand Clarity Workshop is included with all Moon Self Studio brand design packages, or you can purchase it separately. If you purchase the workshop and then end up working with a designer at Moon Self Studio to create your visual brand assets and any brand collateral, the amount you paid for the workshop will be deducted from your project total. 

*Please be aware that results will vary with this workshop, and are dependent on many factors that Moon Self Studio (or Stephanie Thornton) can not assume responsibility for. Although specific results can not be guaranteed, every effort has been made to ensure that this workshop is infused with all of the relevant brand design knowledge, experience, and wisdom available to Stephanie at this point in time, and the workshop content is frequently updated to reflect new findings, experience, and lived wisdom.

About the Creator

Stephanie Thornton, Brand & Website Designer
Steph in Studio

Hi, I’m Steph — founder of The Tenth House, and the creator of The Brand Clarity Workshop. I've been designing custom brands & websites and consulting for clients since 2020, and one of the biggest struggles I have experienced both with my clients, and for myself personally when creating a brand, is that there can be a lot of external noise, distraction, and pressure coming from our industry, education, peers, competitors, coaches, etc. that can make it difficult to hear our inner knowing, wisdom, instinct, or intuition. On top of that, we can also become discouraged or overwhelmed by either having not enough ideas, or too many ideas for how we want to present our business to the world.

Done with an open mind and a willingness to stand in your uniqueness, The Brand Clarity Workshop can help you dig below the surface, be a channel for creativity, and help you organize and structure your energy and ideas into a cohesive brand package that communicates the heart & soul of your business and helps you achieve your full potential.

It would be an honour to support you on your journey with my resources or services, but even if we never meet, I’ll be here cheering for you

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